Having found a scarcity of information and photos about this versatile and creative man's life and career,

I decided to take it upon myself to put together a site of all things Orbach, in tribute to his

 talents and character.

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You probably know Jerry Orbach  from his role as 'Detective Lennie Briscoe'

 on the hit NBC-TV show "Law & Order".

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I'll bet you didn't know that you also know him from Disney's Animated films,  Van Damme/Segal action movies and

the man who put  "Baby in a corner" in Dirty Dancing.

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 He has untangled mysteries with 'Jessica Fletcher' on "Murder She Wrote" as 'Private Investigator Harry McGraw'

which then spun off his to his own show  "The Law & Harry McGraw".

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 But wait!  You say you are more of  the Broadway type? 

That you lean more toward  "Promises, Promises"  and  "There's No Business Like Show Business" ?

Do you find yourself humming  "Try to Remember" or "Lullabye of Broadway"?

Well my friend, you too have probably been obsessed with Orbach!

Yes, Jerry was the man who sang them on stage.

He's the director who stopped  the gal from going home to "Allentown!" in "42nd Street" and the

dangerous, deadly "Mack the Knife" in the "Three Penny Opera".  In "Chicago" he Razzle Dazzled as Billy Flynn

long before Richard Gere ever thought about the part!!

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Billiards are more your game??

 How 'bout the Jerry Orbach Celebrity Charity Billiard Tournament?


Try the Jerry Orbach Golf  Classic for charity.

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 You are an animal lover  and an intellectual?

Jerry holds the record for the most money won by a celebrity contestant  on  "Jeopardy"

and he donated his winnings to "Bide-a Wee" Animal Shelter, the Animal Medical Center, and

the Berkshire Humane Society.

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So you can see, Jerry Orbach has had a varied and prolific career and life that touches people across all

ages, classes and interests. And we've just gotten started!!

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(He sang that, too!!! It's from  Disney's BEAUTY and the BEAST!)