Before We Begin

This website was started years before Jerry Orbach died. It was started as a tribute to the man and his talents. I never dreamed it would also become a memorial for him.

As I have delved deeper and deeper into his life and career, it has become increasingly obvious that Jerry Orbach was truly a phenomenon. Able to transition from one venue to another effortlessly. Multi-talented but also modest. Self-assured  yet humble. Always willing to lend a hand and do what he could for the afflicted and the down-trodden, along with caring for the animals of the earth. Defined by nearly everyone he knew as "kind".

He had an intelligence and wittiness belied by some of his acting roles. He reveled in sports and gambling, but never to excess. He excelled at pool and poker. And with no more time than he could devote to it, he was not a bad golfer.

He was a 'regular' guy and a model of sophistication.

Jerry was truly a Renaissance man. I hope these pages convey some of that to you.~~~

~~~ Begin~~~